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Frequency Sweep Level Switch LMFS

Working Principle

The Level Switch LMFS is capable of faithfully detecting industrial fluids and powders using Frequency Sweep technology. Utilizing the resonance of electrical capacitance created by media di-electric and conducitvity, LMFS learns the signature of the media to be sensed and thus performs better than other level detection methods for fluids and powders.


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  • Frequency Sweep for material type detection
  • Compact design with two independent outputs
  • Suitable for media distinction
  • Liquid fork simulation requires no calibration
  • Process temperature -40 … 125 °C, and 150 °C for 1 hour
  • Suitable for materials with di-electric constant 𝛆r >1.5
  • Multicolor LED switch indicator, indicates type and output
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully field configurable without any special configurator
  • Three output types are PNP, NPN, Push-Pull field configurable

Typical Mounting

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Technical Datasheet


Instruction Manual

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