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Capacitance Type Level Transmitter for Fuel

Working Principle

trumen The probe forms a capacitance with the metalic tank-wall.
The capacitance is sum of three capacitance:-

C(air)=ε(air) x P x (H-L)
C(material)=ε(material) x P x L
C(residual) is due to device itself.

Where ε(air) is the dielectric constant of air ≈1.
ε(material) is dielectric constant of material.
P is the constant of probe and installation, H is the active length of probe and L is the level of material.

Capacitance to level translation is performed with the aid of on-site calibration also called “wet-calibration”.

trumen The device stores a low level capacitance as level for 4mA and high level capacitance as level for 20mA as defined by the user.


trumen Using these values and following equation
C(high) C(low)
L(high) L(low) =————————–
P x {ε(material) ε(air)}
device creates a chart of level to 4-20mA translation.


  • Free flowing homogeneous liquids like oil, raw water, WFI, DM/DI water etc
  • Suitable for top mounting
  • Process temperature max. 200°C
  • Process pressure max. 20 bar


  • Fast Switching Response
  • High temperature endurable probes
  • Single sensor allows pump-control & multi-point switching
  • Easy calibration with or without material
  • Remote electronics with std 10 meters cable length
  • External indication LED available
  • Threaded , Flanged Mountings & TC
  • Electronic Inserts support all requirements
  • Ingress protection : IP 68/65 (as per IS-13947)
  • Ex-proof (Ex d T6 IP-66 IIC) : Flameproof as per IS/IEC 60079-1:2007, Weatherproof (IP-66) as per IS/IEC 60529:2001, Suitable for Gas Group: IIC, Suitable for Zone 1 & 2 atmospheres
  • Compact size
  • Rigid rod / flexible rope versions
  • No potentiometers – hassle free calibration compensation against material build-up.

Typical Mounting

Technical Datasheet


Instruction Manual


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